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MY WHY | Bootstrap Biz Advice

In 2011, I quit my part-time student worker job to start a family business with my husband. We did not come from a family of entrepreneurs and had no formal business training. I was an actress and he was a filmmaker but we believed that we could help people share their stories through the power of video at a price they could afford. 


In 2016, I decided to launch my own business LIVE ON PERISCOPE and within minutes I received my first marketing consulting client. Livestreaming was how I got my start and I'm so excited to bring it back because it allows me to engage with my audience in real-time. Shortly after that, I became a Squarespace Top-Level Expert & Fractional CMO but I realized after 10 years of working for clients I was ready to educate full-time vs to execute for other people's brands. 


Entrepreneurship changed our lives and now I have the honor and privilege to be the mentor I always wanted through YouTube. That's the heart behind why I teach. We had to bootstrap our way to this season and now it's time to give back and share that information with the world.


Hi, I'm LaShonda Brown, the creator behind BOOTSTRAP BIZ ADVICE on YouTube where I teach busy business owners on a budget how to work less and live more by leveraging technology. When I'm not making YouTube videos or teaching workshops, you'll find me enjoying art and nature in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Want to connect? Visit my main website and shoot me an email.